Client Reaches Exit Strategy Objectives

In 1998 Hylton Rabinowitz and David Buxton, owners of NWJ Jewelers in South Africa, had several company owned locations and had an overwhelming desire to grow. Hylton and David chose franchising and our company to take them through this expansion process. They wanted to create a company with 100 locations that could provide business ownership opportunities and jobs to the people who were entering the market after years of apartheid. They also wanted to be able to retire in their 50s.

After we finished franchising NWJ, Hylton and David worked hard to grow a company of high standards and ethics. Every year they added more locations in Southern Africa and have reached their locations goals. Beginning in the year 2000, NWJ has been recognized by many organizations, specifically being named Franchisor of the Year by FASA (Franchise Association of Southern Africa).

This summer, Hylton and David sold NWJ to the South African Public Company Taste Holdings PTY (LTD). Although they continue working and managing NWJ, they have the ability to retire anytime. They have achieved all what they set out to do. We are very proud of them and feel honored to have assisted them at the beginning of their journey.