Social and Eco-Friendly Franchise: DetailXPerts

When Emmanuel Williams, founder of DetailXPerts, listened to his son’s inquisitive remark about washing vehicles with steam, he never realized the pioneering path on which he was embarking.  In response to his son’s question, Emmanuel used his engineering expertise to create a patent-pending process that resulted in a great product while protecting the environment.  Soon after his wife Angela joined him in his quest lending her business savvy to develop the procedures and administration guidelines that made DetailXPerts a successful business model.

Once Emmanuel and Angela proved their concept they decided to add one more of their passions to their winning formula. They have always been called to help others and it only made sense to fulfill this calling through DetailXPerts. After much research they came to the conclusion that the win-win nature of the franchise relationship provided them the best vehicle for their purpose. Thus, in 2008 Emmanuel and Angela created DetailXPerts Franchising LLC with the mission of providing affordable business opportunities and creating employment for unskilled labor while saving the environment. This mission makes DetailXPerts one of very few Social – Eco-Friendly Franchise in the US and International Expansion Experts is proud of coaching Emmanual and Angela as they achieve their objectives.

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  1. alrobinson1 says

    Thanks for a wonderful post! Emmanuel and I are most honored to work with you and Bob (Expansion Experts) on this project which we now call “Dream Destination”. We believe that DetailXPerts will change the lives of many people as well as protect our environment. This concept has developed into something bigger that we ever imagined – empowering others through business ownership. We look forward to our continued friendship.