Franchising: a Love Affair by Lizette Pirtle

Franchising is a special kind of relationship unlike any other you’ll ever enter. It goes beyond a legal agreement between two parties, and beyond a business format system.


Franchising is a way of life. It is a relationship where two parties come with the intention to co-create something that without the other could not exist. It is an association where the success of one party depends on the success of the other… a true win-win.


The franchisees that you attract help you grow not only at the business level but also, and most importantly, at a personal and spiritual level. The challenges they present can only be surpassed by the joys of seeing the impact you have on so many lives.


Franchising is about hope; it is about dreams. It is about growth and abundance. It is about intention. Franchising is about opportunities and possibilities. It is about responsibility and caring. Franchising is about friendships and it is about love.


Franchising is a love affair.