Is your website optimized to capture people searching for franchise opportunities?

Recently I learned a simple way to know if we need the help from an Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert. Check it out for yourself.

  1. Go to Google.
  2. Search for the name of your company.
  3. When the listing comes up, click on “cache” (in truly layman terms, cache is the “picture” of a website stored in Google for the purposes of matching search queries. For a more technical explanation go to ) See the example results from a search for International Expansion Experts. If you click on Cache, you’ll see what Google has stored.


Search Results

1.                 Franchising Small Business | International Expansion Experts | How

International Expansion Experts provides customized expansion and franchising consultation to small businesses. –


Now ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is any text showing?
    • If no text is showing, you are in trouble as Googgle won’t be able to match your site to any query for either your business or your franchise. Pictures and video are pretty and add a lot to your site, but they are not readable by Google.
    • If the above is the case but still you have been getting leads from your site, congratulations, you are doing a great job driving traffic to your site from your marketing efforts. However you need to be aware that the traffic is coming soley from these efforts and NOT from the architecture of your site. Just imagine how many more leads you would get if your site was designed to really talk with the search engines!
  • What words are showing in the Cache that Google can use to match your website to someone’s query for franchise opportunities? 
    • If nothing is said in the TEXT (not just in the menu) about franchising opportunities been avaible, Google won’t be able to match your site to a person’s search for franchise opportunitites, at least not from the Home page. You do not have to say much in the text, but must say something so Google can recognize that franchise opportunities are part of your offering.
    • Your franchise opportunity is described in other pages of your site and this description is picked up by Google. But having something on your Home Page adds to the chances of being picked up in the search results and/or will bring your name closer to the front of the search results that include these terms.
    • Should you go to your web designer with this newly found information?
      • My feeling is that if your web designer created the site as is, he or she has limited knowledge about SEO so asking them to fix it will most likely not produce very good results. This does not mean that you should change web designers. In most cases, they will be able to implement the changes you need to optimize your site, you just need to give them a specific list of changes. 
      • Seek the assistance of a good SEO company and get your site analyzed. They will be able to give you a list of recommended changes to optimize your site.
      • Remember, your objectives have changed now that you are a franchisor. You are now not only seeking for customers/clients for your business, you want also to attrack franchise prospects and thus your site must be optimized to produce both.

Keep in mind that this is just one small trick that allows us to determine if we need further assistance. Making sure we use the words “franchise,” “franchising,” or “franchise opportunities” on the home page, on its own, does not bring your business to the top of search results for these terms. It is only one of many strategies we need to implement to get the results we seek.