Social Media: Too much to learn…How do I keep up?

First BREATHE … yes, there is a LOT to learn about Social Media, but the key is to embrace this learning opportunity with a beginner’s mind and make it fun. When you feel overwhelmed, just take a break and know that there’re people who can help you; seek them out.

The tendency of franchisors to be independent is partly what makes them great entrepreneurs,  but the real successful business owners understand that there’re times when they need to seek help. So, don’t think you SHOULD know this Social Media stuff; unless you’re in a technology related business, there is no reason why you should know it; however, you do need to learn how to use it as well as when and how your franchisees should get active.

Do you feel a bit frazzled about Social Media? Be thankful. Social Media provides a great opportunity for you to experience how your franchisees feel when they first join your franchise system. Lots of information comes at them way too quickly and they feel the need to perform quickly. Frustration, insecurities, and the pressure of high expectations are the unproductive states of mind that can arise from too much information too quickly. Reflect on how you feel and remember this feeling every time you are training franchisees. This experience will help you be more empathetic with them. The better you understand how your franchisees feel, the more effective you will be in training and supporting them.

Here 5 tips to assist you in dealing with Social Media:

  1. Seek advice from those who know. They will help you formulate and implement a strategy that works for your business.
  2. Decide which channels make the most sense for your type of business. Is it Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube or a combination of these?
  3. Tackle one medium at a time; don’t try doing too much at once. Like with anything in life, it’s best to do one thing well than many poorly.
  4. Before you get too active in any social media channel, make sure you listen to what’s going on first. Observe what others are doing and learn from them.
  5. Be social. Have fun.