Franchise Success = Dreams + Beliefs + Readiness

Franchise Success: The New Formula is about how franchisees can reach the success they seek when they take the time and make the effort to clarify their dreams, adopt the beliefs that support their efforts, and reach the level of readiness that allows success. Through a series of examples I show how the lack of clarified dreams, non-supportive belief systems and non-readiness lead to a sense or the reality of failure for many franchisees. Furthermore, I also share examples of how success is achieved when these components are in place and the process needed to get there.

Successful franchisees know what they want. They dare to dream. They clarify their dreams to the point when they transform them into their vision. They allow these dreams to propel them through life towards their achievement. They are so sure about what they want that they see it, touch it, taste it, smell it, and live it in their minds until it becomes the reality they live day in and day out.

Successful franchisees have a belief system that supports the achievement of their dreams. They know they can win; they know they can achieve what they are seeking, and they know they can learn to do whatever they need to do to make their dreams come true. They believe that the franchise in which they invested will produce the results they seek. They believe in the franchisor, in the franchise system, and in the fact that they can implement the business model successfully. Whatever doubts pop into their minds they are quickly dissipated by strength of their supportive beliefs.

Successful franchisees are simply ready to be successful. They have worked through the issues and beliefs that could impede their success and are no longer in a state of resistance. They embrace their possibilities and their future but also they accept the present as the path towards what they desire understanding that there are steps that must be gone through on the way to their dreams.

Franchisees can create the conditions they need to manifest the success they seek. Likewise, franchisors can provide a supportive environment and a systematic approach for franchisees to reach the results they expect.

Do you know your dreams? Do you know if you have the supportive beliefs needed to assure your success? Are you ready?