Do the beliefs of franchisees affect their success?

The answer to this question is a resounding YES! Our beliefs affect our entire lives; through them we create our successes as well as our failures, and franchisees are not exempt from this rule.

Our beliefs are repeated thoughts that are emotionally charged and that we use to define ourselves. Some of our beliefs are true and some are false, but to us, all of our beliefs are true, otherwise we would simply not believe them. The problem is that we can find evidence to support almost any belief even the most outrageous beliefs. For example, most of us agree that the earth is not flat, yet even today there are people who espouse that the earth is indeed flat. A quick Google search will lead you to two forums of the Flat Earth Society where you can learn all the “evidence” proving that the earth is flat. These people truly believe this and to them it’s a true fact that the earth is flat.

We all can find the “evidence” we need to prove our beliefs and we all do this whether it helps us or not. Our need to be right too many times is stronger than our need to be successful. In seeking to be right the only thing we need to do is to be selective in our perception and we’ll find the proof to make us right. If franchisees believe that they can be successful in a franchise, guess what? They will be. Likewise if they believe that they can’t cut it, they just won’t.

We hold many beliefs that support our success; unfortunately, we hold as many that work against us. The key to success is to discard the beliefs that impede us from reaching our goals and replace them with those beliefs that support us towards our goals. Our mind can be our greatest ally or our most powerful enemy, it’s our choice.

All franchisees at one point believe that they can have a successful business otherwise they wouldn’t invest in that particular franchise. The ones that are able to achieve success are the ones that keep on believing that they can. Those who lose faith or who let non-supportive beliefs dominate their minds usually aren’t able to achieve their goals. Franchisees need to learn not only the new business but a new way of thinking focusing on what makes the business work instead of what doesn’t. Achieving success requires that that we identify the beliefs that no longer serve us and look for the evidence to support their counterparts.

We all have heard people say: “Just because you believe this, it does not make it true?” But it does make it true. It makes it true for you and that is all that matters. You will create all the evidence you need to protect that belief. It may not be true for rest of the world, like in the case of the “world is flat” but as long as you believe it, it will be true for you and you’ll experience the world through that lens.

Some of the beliefs that impede the success of franchisees include:

  • I can’t sell.
  • They (meaning the franchisor) lied to me.
  • I can’t talk in front of a group.
  •  All the leads I get from the franchisor are a waste of my time.
  • Only aggressive sales people can make it in this business.
  • I have a great location so it must be the business model that does not work.
  • I know that this business works in the next town but now I know that it will never work here.

 Please add your thoughts to this list and help franchisees identify the beliefs that may be getting on their way.


  1. After my time both as a franchisee and a franchisor, I can say that our own belief structures are a HUGE part of what shapes our outcome. I can’t think of a franchise brand that doesn’t want people who can sell. Selling is a part of owning any business and I see people under perform simply because they are fearful of sales. I believe anyone can learn to sell and that everyone on the team of a franchise unit needs to be able to sell. If you don’t know how, learn: take classes, get a coach and practice. Fear of sales often leads to a bad attitude if you don’t learn and that will lead to failure and finger pointing even when the system and business basics are solid.


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