Franchisees: Are Your Fears Sabotaging Your Dreams?

Fear is an emotion fueled by our beliefs. Our fears incarcerate us and paralyze us. We are aware of some of our fears, but unfortunately too many others remain hidden in our unconscious often misguiding our lives in the direction opposite to our dreams. Our fears create traps along our path towards our dreams.

Trap #1 – If we don’t know where we are going, NO road will take us there.

If franchisees don’t know what they want their businesses to help them create, they will never be able to know whether or not they have achieved it. I have seen many franchisees who have truly arrived, yet are disappointed.  They focus on the wrong results disregarding the ones that really matter to them. They may fret that they have not achieved the same level of income that they had before while forgetting the lifestyle they have achieved which was perhaps their number one objective. Clarifying our dreams and keeping engaged in them assures that the road of franchising will make them come true. Paradoxically, the fear of not getting what we want often prevents us from taking the time to clarify what it is we desire.

Trap #2 – What we think we want is not always what we really want.

Sometimes franchisees, like the rest of us, confuse what they think they want with what they really want. If we don’t take the time to connect with our real feelings we will tend to be influenced by what others think. Our well intentioned family, friends, colleagues and franchisor will share their perspective and biases; it is up to us to know what we really want so that our efforts won’t take us in a different direction. The fear of not being accepted is most commonly what leads us to this trap.

Trap #3 – Lack of clarity leads to hasty decisions which in most cases lead to disappointment.

This trap is crucial to keep in mind especially for those people contemplating investing in a franchise. We must be absolutely clear of what we want, only then will we have the patience to learn all that we need to find out to make the decision that will support our dream. Sometimes we are afraid to know; we fall in love with an idea and lose perspective. It is this fear that encourages hasty decisions.

What other traps do you think your fears lead you to?