Looking for Franchise Leads? Start With Your Website


This week I was catching up with Dan Rogers and Allie Mims founders of SEO Komodo. Every time I talk with these guys I learn a lot. We got into the topic of how to generate franchise leads in today’s environment and they had some awesome points that I want to share with you.

Franchisors should look at their websites as their virtual storefront.

Listening to this statement was an “aha” moment for me. I don’t believe I ever thought about websites this way and doing so makes so much sense. I have seen some poor websites of new, emerging, and even mature franchisors. Their quality operations were definitely not reflected in their websites. I wonder how different they would look if had thought about them as their virtual storefronts. What if they had asked themselves the question: Does my website give my customers the experience I want them to have when dealing with me?

Franchisors should have engaging content so as to improve their SEO rankings and thus attract and capture more qualified leads to them.

But, what is engaging content? It is information that grabs readers’ attention and which affects them emotionally. It is more than reporting facts; it is about telling stories. Some examples of engaging content include:

  • Franchise Opportunity: How is it different from other franchise or business opportunities? What is the lifestyle, the customer base, the potential? Is this an owner operator opportunity or does it allow an investor role? How will this translate into lifestyle?
  • Franchisee Profiles: What type of person is attracted to the opportunity and why? Is it lifestyle? Is it a mission? Is it potential? Is it the customer base? What are the stories of current franchisees? What jobs did they come from? How were their personal lives influenced by the opportunity?
  • Testimonials: What are franchisees saying about the business? What are customers saying about the products or services?

The key to engaging content is to write a good story that connects with the reader’s emotion — a narrative that has similarities with their dreams, values and desires, and with which the reader can identify.

Franchisors need to continuously build their email list and send regular electronic newsletters.

Being in front of warm or even cold candidates is a step we tend to forget about, especially when our efforts are focused on the more serious ones. Yet, someone who is warm or even cold today can be very hot tomorrow. If we don’t keep in front of them someone else will. Collecting the emails of leads and sending regular newsletters is an important step in the franchise sales process. Make sure your newsletters have an “opt-out” and also a “forward to a friend” feature. The first one is required by law and the latter is just a smart move.

Dan and Allie know how to get traffic to your site. They know about franchising and always go above and beyond for their clients. I know; I am one of them. Want to learn more? Give them a call at 305-515-8598. Also visit their website and read about their Abrakadoodle franchise case study.


  1. Hi Lizette. Thanks for the kind words and the plug. Much appreciated! 😀

    I always enjoy our calls. It’s a great opportunity to discuss new ideas, especially ideas to help franchises grow. Franchise leads are the life blood of any franchisor and finding sources of quality leads online is a never ending pursuit. What worked today may not work tomorrow. Franchisors need to keep a laser focus on their online marketing and lead gen strategies, including SEO and compelling franchise content.

    Thanks again for the mention!

  2. great post.