3 Things Your Franchisees Expect From You

Whether or not we should, whenever we enter a relationship we have expectations; and, your franchisees are not any different. Franchisees are individuals, and as such, they will have somewhat different types of expectations, yet there are some common ones to which you should pay attention. In fact, one of the most important steps you can take to ensure a positive relationship with your franchisees is to know and respond to their expectations.

1.  Franchisees want to be treated as professionals and as people, not just as a store number or franchise location.

Franchisees want to know you care about them. They want you to solicit and respect their input and to create an environment where they can share. They want to be recognized for their accomplishments whether they are in their businesses or in their lives. They expect you to remember their names and their personal lives. They expect you to care.

2.  Franchisees want to trust you and you to trust them.

Lack of trust is a major factor in poor franchise relations. Your franchisees want and expect open, frequent, and honest communication from you, both formal and informal. Franchisees want you to trust them and to believe in them; and they want to place the same level of belief in you. Lack of, or simply poor quality communication erodes trust.

3.   Franchisees want you to take care of innovation and to be ahead of the competition.

Franchisees want to take care of today which involves operating their business. They expect you to take care of tomorrow through innovation and research. They want you to help them be ahead of their competition through technological, product, and process improvements as well as tools that can increase their efficiency, productivity, and bottom line. They expect you to earn the royalties they pay you every month by providing value to them.

There are many other types of expectations which vary from individual to individual but all franchisees want you:

  • To care about them,
  • To communicate with them frequently and honestly, and
  • To provide value to them.