Ladies: Are you ready to change that business suit for something more casual? Franchising may be the answer…

Not all franchise opportunities lend themselves to casual wear, however most do. Of course this is not a strong reason to quit your job and buy a franchise. There are many more important reasons why doing so can be the option you’ve been seeking.

In my experience, there are many traits typically attributed to women that make us ideally suited for franchising. The first that comes to mind is sometimes made into a joke, but joke or not, it is true that most women don’t mind asking for directions. This trait is critical in the success of a franchisee. Yes, I am generalizing, but as women, our egos are usually not so big as to prevent us from accepting when we don’t know something; and thus, from asking for help when we need it. These strengths make women able to fully take advantage of the greatest benefits of franchising.

Franchising is a proven model; that is, a business that has been demonstrated to be successful. In uncertain financial times it is even more important to reduce our risk of failure, and this is exactly what franchising does. Here are three reasons why:

  • A franchise business has been proven (to do so the franchisor already made and learned from all the costly mistakes that an independent business owner will invariably make to arrive at a successful business formula.)
  • A franchise business has been systematized so most people can easily replicate its success (to do so the franchisor has spent financial resources as well as time and energy developing the operating systems that increase revenue and control expenses; an independent business owner will have to go through the same process to create a sustainable business.)
  • Franchisors exist to support and guide franchisees in the successful implementation of the franchise system (they have the experience and expertise to do so; and, the moment they became franchisors their mission changed to one of recruiting and supporting successful franchisees. Therefore, unlike an independent business owner, a franchisee is has someone on her side!

Women who desire to go out on their own will do themselves a disservice if they do not consider franchising as an option. If you are willing to follow a system; if you are willing to learn, work hard and persevere; if you are not afraid of asking questions; if you want the assistance and support of others, then franchising offers significant less risk than going on your own.

Another aspect of franchising that makes it especially appealing to women is the opportunity it presents to work in teams and to make contributions beyond our business. The camaraderie and support of women in franchising is evident in many franchise related organizations. One in particular comes to mind: WEBB (Women Empowered by Business). This organization is the brainchild of Lori Tyll, a franchise executive for FSBI, and Judy Stoleson, a franchisee and former franchise regional developer. WEBB offers webinars and many other learning and support opportunities to women who want to learn more about franchising and business ownership. In addition WEBB is doing a remarkable job at  raising money for the Susan Komen Foundation. Inspired by how many of the lives of FSBI franchisees have been affected by cancer, Lori and Judy decided to make a difference; and these two very special women most certainly are.

What I’ve liked the most about franchising has always been the feeling of belonging to a team and a family which makes it appealing not only to us, women, but also to men. This ability to be independent but to belong to a caring and close network of other small business owners is special when it comes to franchising.

Time to trade those suits for jeans… anyone?