Franchise Success Is About Aligning Value Systems

Faisal Nazir EES COnsulting

Faisal Nazir is the founder and CEO of EES Consulting (Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Consulting). He was only 17 years old when he made the conscious choice to leave the UK for the entrepreneur’s dreamland of the United States. Faisal has always been guided by his entrepreneur’s spirit, which for him allows “people to spend their energy at work in mostly their own betterment and not in that of a company owned by someone else.” Faisal started his life in America working at a 7-Eleven that ended up being the first business he owned. This first franchise launched his successful entrepreneur career that led him to own up to 42 franchised and other smaller businesses. Today he owns a large dealership and his own franchise company.

As a franchisee, Faisal understood that franchising offers a large opportunity to give back. Through this experience, he also learned what makes a good franchisor and his fire was ignited to one day become one.  “My drive to help others in a conscious and focused way did not arise until I was 30. I was involved in a very serious car accident that could have been fatal. After this experience, I committed myself to the service of others, and since entrepreneurship is my playground, here’s where my work takes place,” Faisal shares. “My value system is all about taking the action steps required to provide business opportunities to others, assisting them to generate success in their businesses, and then letting go. In other words, I do what it takes, but I am not attached to the results,” he adds.

EES Consulting has been franchising since 2012 yet they have grown to 31 areas in less than two years. Energy efficiency consulting is a new field and the road to growth has not been totally smooth. “We have to create the industry standards as we grow because of the newness of this field. In addition, and like all other franchisors, we also have to continuously develop, test, and improve the marketing and operating systems that will ensure the success of our franchisees. The fact that we have to do so in a new marketplace is where we find the greatest challenge,” Faisal shares. “The key for us is not to create in a vacuum, instead our own corporate location tests every new approach before we launch it to the entire network of franchisees,” he adds.

“As a franchisor we are like a ship – the marketplace is on one shore; and, on the other coast, are the franchisees–our role is to bring the two together successfully; and, we do it by constantly adding value to the franchisee’s business. We don’t implement anything unless it allows franchisees to successfully reach and serve their customers,” Faisal shares. It is his conviction that, in order to replicate franchise success, franchisors must understand the importance of evaluating each component of their system using added value as the measuring stick.

EES Consulting may be a newer company, yet if Faisal had to do it again, he says he would have not been as aggressive in his projections. “I thought we would grow faster than we have, and when we didn’t, I was disappointed. But we had a lot to learn and so this was the best outcome. However, I think that if I had more realistic projections I would not have felt so frustrated when we didn’t reach them,” Faisal shares.

“I am sure every franchisor learns a lot when they first franchise. We certainly have; for example, today we know when a franchise candidate is a good fit. We have found that our ideal franchisees share our value system and our caring for the environment, and they are passionate about energy efficiency. But, this is not quite enough; they also have to be able and willing to share their passion. Therefore, they need to have the marketing experience and ability to communicate the inherent value of our system,” Faisal shares.  Bringing the right people to a franchise system is vital to franchise success. For EES Consulting, aligning values coupled with the required marketing experience are central to replicating their successful results.

Of all the decisions Faisal has had to make since becoming a franchisor, he believes partnering with The Entrepreneur’s Source was pivotal to their growth. “Sometimes I wish we had joined them quicker, but then I realize that we needed the experience and results first,” Faisal shares. “I am very grateful to the coaches of The Entrepreneur’s Source. I am not sure we would have grown as fast as we have without them,” he adds.

When asked what he would suggest to business owners thinking about franchising their businesses, Faisal answers: “I have found that the secret is in choosing your partners–not only your vendors but, most importantly, your franchisees. Don’t sell franchises, recruit business partners instead. There is a big difference between the two. Once you have recruited the right people, those who are aligned with your values and who possess the required traits and skills, be compassionate. Remember that business ownership is a big step; provide the support they need at all levels. And, always keep in mind that:

If the intent is clean at the root, the fruit that bears from it will be good.”