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Small business husband and wife franchise teamAre you seeking to improve the performance of your franchisees?

You’ve come to the right place.  We specialize in creating support programs that engender franchisee success. With a command of franchisee psychology, we know what it takes to develop the framework that produces successful franchisees.

Our Formula is the result of years of experience, observation, and the study of the psychological aspects of franchisees, their development and their potential for success.

This is not another motivational program. Instead, it’s a formula that gives you a new perspective and an arsenal of tools to prevent franchisee failure.

Lizette’s New Formula is defined as: Franchise Success = Dreams + Beliefs + Readiness, and its understanding and the implementation of its principles will assist you in making a significant and sustainable difference in the success of your franchisees, while empowering them to take responsibility for their own success or failure. It also helps you, the franchisor, to identify and change the barriers that thwart your own franchise success.

WARNING: This material is not for every franchisor. It requires commitment to change and a willingness to embrace a new approach. It calls for building inner as well as corporate awareness, a process that is not for everyone.

Our Franchise Success Program is fully customized to each franchisor and it is divided into the following 3 Modules.

  • Module One: Review and Recommendations
  • Module Two: Self Sustaining Program
  • Module Three: Coaching Franchisees

Are you seeking to improve operations?

The success of a franchisor is mostly dependent on the success of its franchisees; and the franchisor’s operations must be solid, otherwise it will not be able to support franchisees and growth.

We know franchise operations. We not only set the right foundations for new franchisors, we have years of experience working with and managing medium and small size franchise organizations to improve operations and implement change. Our services include, but are not limited to the following areas:

  • Developing strategic plans to take franchise organizations to the next level
  • Evaluating current organizational structure and recommending necessary changes to position company for growth
  • Assessing, and if needed revising, the current legal framework to ensure compatibility with business objectives
  • Ensuring franchisor has the franchise recruiting practices to fulfill the company’s growth objectives
  • Crafting franchisee associations documents and procedures
  • Creating communication processes to foster effective franchisee-franchisor relationships

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