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Canada and beyond franchise conceptsFranchising in Canada

Franchising is a highly successful method of distribution in Canada. Almost half of all new businesses in Canada are franchised locations. As the popularity of franchising has grown, Canadian legislative bodies have issued more regulations. If you are a Canadian company wishing to expand in Canada and/or in the US, it is important you choose a firm that knows the differences between the US and Canada. We can help. We understand the various business and legal issues affecting franchising and we have the expertise to guide your growth in both markets.

The changing legal landscape affecting franchising in Canadian is a reflection of its increasing popularity. U.S. franchise companies will continue expanding into Canada and an ever increasing number of Canadian companies will become franchise organizations and will naturally want to expand into the US market.  Until recently only Alberta and Ontario had franchise disclosure compliance requirements. However, now Prince Edward Island, and more recently New Brunswick, also enacted specific franchise legislation.

Franchising in Canada is different. Less stringent regulations allow for a more flexible approach and there are many other important issues that must be approached differently; the following are just a few examples

  • Trademark protection
  • Pricing
  • Cultural issues
  • Expansion through different provinces
  • Taxes
  • Termination and resolution of disputes

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Franchising in Other Countries

Every advanced economy in the world is experiencing the popularity of franchising. More and more U.S. companies are growing their businesses by expanding into international markets via franchising. Likewise, international companies are following the trends of U.S. franchise companies by undertaking a similar growth strategy.

The legal compliance issues affecting franchising are different in each country but it is abundantly clear: franchising is a main vehicle used by companies for international expansion, and it keeps growing.

If you want to expand within your country or expand into international markets we can help. We have more than 30 years of experience assisting franchise companies expand beyond their borders. We understand the various business and legal issues affecting franchising and we will gladly share our expertise to guide your growth strategies.

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