What are Your Franchisees Afraid of?

Because franchisees go through massive change, they are susceptible to fear. Although fear may manifest differently from person to person, its roots are similar. The seven most common fears experienced by franchisees are: Fear of failure Fear of … [Read more...]

Are Your Franchisees Suffering from Quantum Leap Syndrome?

A Quantum Leap Syndrome is a cluster of symptoms or signs that occur together when franchisees experience difficulty dealing with the substantial change required in becoming a business owner. Quantum leaps, regardless of how small they are, engender … [Read more...]

Fear and Consequences of Failure by Paul Segreto

This article was written by Paul Segreto,franchise expert and founder of FranchisEssentials; I have obtained permission to post it here. It is a courageous story by a brave man who learned hard lessons as a franchisee and whose mission is to help … [Read more...]