My franchisees are using Social Media already. What do I do?

You've decided to enter the world of social media and started by opening a Twitter account. You search around and find that your franchisees are already ahead of you and have been Tweeting away. What do you do? Don't panic. Recognize the benefits … [Read more...]

Franchising: a Love Affair by Lizette Pirtle

Franchising is a special kind of relationship unlike any other you’ll ever enter. It goes beyond a legal agreement between two parties, and beyond a business format system.   Franchising is a way of life. It is a relationship where two parties come … [Read more...]

10 Tips to create great Franchisee-Franchisor Relations

Not unlike a marriage or any other close relationship, a happy Franchisor-Franchisee relationship is based on communication. If you remember the following 10 tips, you can create an environment where productive and lasting franchisee-franchisor … [Read more...]

Franchising: the Beauty and the Beast

I fell in love with franchising back in the mid 80s when I joined a franchisor that had been in business for over 25 years and, at the time, had about 1000 franchisees.  I felt right at home then and that feeling has never changed. Despite finding … [Read more...]