Franchise Success Is Taking Your Franchisees’ Success Personal

  Shelly Sun, CEO and Co-Founder of BrightStar Care, takes success seriously. From the very beginning she has dedicated herself to making BrightStar Care the brightest star, first in the home care industry and then in the franchising world.  … [Read more...]

Why Do I Love Franchisees?

  I was recently at a franchise expo where I met with many franchisees that I had trained over 10 years ago. Seeing them, talking with them, learning about their successes and their lives today; hugging them and feeling their warmth and … [Read more...]


One of the first questions you should ask yourself when considering franchising your business is whether or not you clear enough money every month from your business to have a viable franchise model. In other words: your business has to be … [Read more...]

How Can Franchisors and Franchisees Benefit from a Mastermind Group?

It was over 20 years ago when I first read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill., I have reread this life altering little book on many occasions, always discovering something new and relevant. One of the most influential concepts that this book … [Read more...]

Franchisee Success – Could it be all in the numbers?

During my first experience working in a franchising company I heard the voiced and common belief that franchisees are happy as long as they are making money. Now, after over 20 years of working in the franchise field, I know that the truth in this … [Read more...]

What do I Love about Franchisees?

In more than one occasion I have been called a Franchisee Advocate; and although this may not have been said as a compliment, I have taken it as such. I fought for their rights and what I thought franchisors owed to them, and this got me in trouble … [Read more...]

What’s the Makeup of a Franchisee?

Understanding the makeup of a franchisee is critical to your success as a franchisor. The first most important thing you must know about franchisees is that they are not like you; they are usually not true entrepreneurs. In fact, in general, true … [Read more...]

Ladies: Are you ready to change that business suit for something more casual? Franchising may be the answer…

Not all franchise opportunities lend themselves to casual wear, however most do. Of course this is not a strong reason to quit your job and buy a franchise. There are many more important reasons why doing so can be the option you’ve been … [Read more...]

Are Your Franchisees More Interested In Being Right Than In Being Successful?

Why not both: successful and right? I don’t subscribe to “either/or” any longer; I now embrace the beauty of the AND which allows for possibilities to come into my life. However, when it comes to success and being right there is clearly an either/or. … [Read more...]

Franchisees: Are Your Fears Sabotaging Your Dreams?

Fear is an emotion fueled by our beliefs. Our fears incarcerate us and paralyze us. We are aware of some of our fears, but unfortunately too many others remain hidden in our unconscious often misguiding our lives in the direction opposite to our … [Read more...]