Franchise Procedures vs. Franchise Support: The Fight is on– Or is It?

A few weeks ago I commented on a colleague’s Facebook post agreeing with his argument to encourage franchisors to create and implement Social Media Policies and Procedures.  A franchisee of an unidentified brand also made a comment enraged at the … [Read more...]

What do I Love about Franchisees?

In more than one occasion I have been called a Franchisee Advocate; and although this may not have been said as a compliment, I have taken it as such. I fought for their rights and what I thought franchisors owed to them, and this got me in trouble … [Read more...]

Are Performance Tools Important for Franchisee Success?

There are many products available in the market that claim to aid the performance of franchisees. I am constantly on the lookout for tools that can make a difference for my clients and their franchisees; and, I am always amazed at what technology is … [Read more...]

My franchisees are using Social Media already. What do I do?

You've decided to enter the world of social media and started by opening a Twitter account. You search around and find that your franchisees are already ahead of you and have been Tweeting away. What do you do? Don't panic. Recognize the benefits … [Read more...]