3 Things Your Franchisees Expect From You

Whether or not we should, whenever we enter a relationship we have expectations; and, your franchisees are not any different. Franchisees are individuals, and as such, they will have somewhat different types of expectations, yet there are some common … [Read more...]

Are Your Franchisees More Interested In Being Right Than In Being Successful?

Why not both: successful and right? I don’t subscribe to “either/or” any longer; I now embrace the beauty of the AND which allows for possibilities to come into my life. However, when it comes to success and being right there is clearly an either/or. … [Read more...]

Franchisees: Are Your Fears Sabotaging Your Dreams?

Fear is an emotion fueled by our beliefs. Our fears incarcerate us and paralyze us. We are aware of some of our fears, but unfortunately too many others remain hidden in our unconscious often misguiding our lives in the direction opposite to our … [Read more...]

Don’t Be Fooled, Your Franchise Won’t Bring You Happiness

A franchise opportunity does not create happiness. It can contribute to it, but it is not the real cause of the happiness we may or may not feel. What a franchisor does or fails to do has no more impact on our happiness than what we allow it to have. … [Read more...]

Are You Listening or Merely Hearing What Franchisees and Prospects Are Telling You?

I recently attended a function where I met several people who had recently invested in a franchise. Hearing them express their happiness with their decision made me question how well I had been listening to franchisees in the past. One person in … [Read more...]

Dreams vs. Fantasies – Do They Make A Difference in Franchising?

The word “dream” for some of us brings up ideas of wasting time, of losers, of people who never act, and who we critically put down by calling them “dreamers” and expecting they will achieve nothing.  This is a misconception; dreams are not … [Read more...]

Franchisees: What Are Your Belief Mishaps?

____________________ This is an article written by Sybil R Smith who is a Life Relationship Coach from Kingsport, TN. Make sure to visit her website. I chose to publish this article here (with a modified title) because it emphasizes the power of … [Read more...]

Does Faith Matter in the Context of Franchising?

You bet it does. Faith is defined as the confident belief or trust in a person, idea, or thing. It is often used in a religious or spiritual context yet, in general, faith speaks of a strong belief and conviction. Franchisees whose faith, either in … [Read more...]

Are Your Franchisees’ Families Getting In The Way Of Their Success?

The families of your franchisees are an important factor in their success. Too many franchisors unfortunately underestimate the influence of families. Concentrating only on the franchisee is a mistake you need to avoid and here is why. When people … [Read more...]

Are Your Franchisees Able to Absorb the Information They Need?

Working from the premise that franchisees are smart people who have already been successful at previous careers, we charge ahead to download mega gigs of information into their heads as soon as they join the system. We rarely contemplate the fact … [Read more...]