Franchise Success Is About the Right Team

Ted Landgraf, CEO and Founder of Above The Standard Procurement Group®, Inc. (ATSPG), is passionate about helping people achieve success. He is a relationship-driven man, a self-described “old-ball” who has created a different franchise opportunity. … [Read more...]

Franchise Success: Transforming the Ordinary into the Exceptional

  For Brian Scudamore, CEO and founder of multiple very successful franchise companies such as 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, WOW 1 DAY Painting, and his newest venture, You Move Me, Franchise Success is all about transforming the ordinary into the … [Read more...]

Franchise Success: It Is All in the Culture

Paul Segreto, CFE, is the CEO and President of Franchise Foundry and serves as the CEO of several of their clients’ companies. I met Paul in 2009 upon my first engagement in Social Media. From day one it was obvious that Paul was a man of honor. I … [Read more...]

Franchise Success Is Having a Friend in High Places

Kathy Hill is a successful business woman who in 2002 founded Tax Tiger, a tax representation firm. I met Kathy when she decided to franchise her business five years ago; her incredibly strong faith was obvious from our first conversation. Kathy … [Read more...]

Franchise Success: “It’s Not About the Money”

Chris Jeffery is the founder and CEO of OrderUp, a fairly new franchise on the rise. At just barely over 30, Chris represents a new force in franchising. Energetic, fun-loving, positive, enthusiastic, passionate and humble - that’s the person I got … [Read more...]

Franchise Success Study

  I have always been attracted to the concept of success.  My measuring stick for my own success has changed and shifted throughout my life, yet my interest on the subject has never diminished; on the contrary, the older I get and the more … [Read more...]