Are Your Franchisees Suffering from Quantum Leap Syndrome?

A Quantum Leap Syndrome is a cluster of symptoms or signs that occur together when franchisees experience difficulty dealing with the substantial change required in becoming a business owner. Quantum leaps, regardless of how small they are, engender … [Read more...]

Could it be that your “BUT” is too big?

Our “buts” sometimes are so big that they get in our way to success. “But” is a word we tend to use to make us right, not successful. The message is: "You are right, but I am more right. I have dealt with “buts” from both, franchisors and … [Read more...]

How does lack of confidence affect the success of franchisees?

Lack of self confidence is one of the greatest barriers to learning, and thus to performance and success. We all experience lack of confidence at some level at certain times, especially when we find ourselves in new situations. New franchisees are … [Read more...]

When are franchisees ready to produce results?

This is a loaded question and one that needs to be carefully considered by both franchisees and franchisors. Although we all understand that it takes time for franchisees to learn the business and be able to implement the system successfully, we … [Read more...]

Franchisees –Do You Need to Change Your Lenses?

To fully reap the benefits of a new venture, we need to learn to adopt new perspectives. Many of us tend to hang on to the past. We start something new while grabbing on to the old with one hand, afraid to let go of the familiar. This is natural; it … [Read more...]

Is resistance hindering your franchise success?

When it comes to resistance franchisees are not any different than any one else. Most of us resist change when it’s imposed on us and we tend to embrace it when we seek it. The problem is that when we search for change too often we fail to anticipate … [Read more...]

What makes a franchisee successful?

The success of franchisees depends on many factors however the most important ones seem to rest on the franchisee. The outer factors include: Is the franchise concept viable? Is the success of the business replicable? Are the financial results of … [Read more...]

Franchise Success = Dreams + Beliefs + Readiness

Franchise Success: The New Formula is about how franchisees can reach the success they seek when they take the time and make the effort to clarify their dreams, adopt the beliefs that support their efforts, and reach the level of readiness that … [Read more...]