How We’re Different

Expansion Experts works differently and delivers results.We’re not the typical franchise consultants.

We don’t impose cookie-cutter strategies. We recommend expansion strategies that emerge organically from the unique requirements of your business.

We don’t provide you with template documents. The uniqueness of each and every client is the bases of each document we prepare.

We have expertise that goes beyond franchising. Although franchising is the dominant mode of business expansion in the U.S and Canada and our specialty, it is not the only option. We bring a full range of expertise on all relevant expansion approaches. We’ll design the strategy that works best for you.

We don’t believe in the senior/junior partner consulting model, where the experts woo you, but inexperienced consultants do the work. At our firm, you will always work with a senior principal of our firm.

We’re not ego driven. We don’t expect you to follow our lead without question. Rather, we view ourselves as facilitators and mentors who collaborate fully with you to achieve the results you deem important to you and your company.

We aren’t consumed with generating billable hours. We charge a fair (and fixed) price for value delivered. Nothing more, nothing less.

We believe in full disclosure and sterling business ethics. When you retain us, you can be sure we’ll deliver what we promise–and keep your interests at the forefront.

We are hands-on problem-solvers, not academics. We don’t believe in analysis paralysis. We do believe in immersing ourselves in operational problems and helping you fix them.

We aren’t focused exclusively on the U.S. and Canadian marketplaces. We bring a long track record of helping companies expand into and within international markets.

We gladly come to you rather than expect you to travel to our offices. Unlike many franchising consultants, we don’t expect you to come to us in order to do business. We prefer to work at your location in order to fully understand your business, your needs and concerns.

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