Jane Fravel Gordon, Senior Writer and Editor

jgordonAn operations systems expert and senior writer and editor with over 25 years experience. Focus: operational policies and procedures.

Jane Fravel Gordon is a writer/editor with over 25 years experience in the technical and educational fields. After graduating from the University of Santa Clara in 1974 with a B.A. in English, Jane landed a job at the company of her dreams, Creative Publications, a small publishing company specializing in supplemental mathematics materials. Jane worked her way up through the editorial department, eventually becoming Project Manager. In that position, she was responsible for overseeing all aspects of manuscript preparation, editing, and design.

In 1981, Jane saw the writing on the wall−the new field of technical writing was erupting in Silicon Valley−and she quickly made the move to ASK Computer Systems, where she was responsible for writing the technical manuals for ASK’s Manufacturing Management (MANMAN) System. In 1983, Jane was promoted to Manager of Technical Communications. After a brief maternity leave in 1986, Jane went to work for The Paradigm Group, a company that had developed a procedure-writing system to support ASK users. For the next 13 years, Jane assisted in expanding the Paradigm system to include a complete procedure-writing methodology, including “vanilla” operating procedures and software for generating flowcharts from text. During her years with Paradigm, Jane wore many hats: Procedure Writer, Manager of Procedure Development, Senior Editor−but her favorite was Methodology Maven.  In 1998, the Paradigm methodology was purchased by Oracle and became the basis for their Tutor product. In 1999, Paradigm closed its doors for good, prompting Jane to retire. Then in 2004, Jane and two high-school friends wrote and published two cookbooks featuring local cuisine: Santa Cruz Cooks and Monterey Bay Cooks.

Jane brings her enthusiasm for writing to all of her projects. She is meticulous when documenting procedures and brings unequal clarity and fun to franchise operations manuals. Jane enjoys working with clients making sure to document not only the procedures, but also to reflect the culture and personality of the business and its owners.

Jane spends her spare time reading, walking in her beloved redwoods, and volunteering at a local food pantry. She also adores her pets, as well as the handful of neighborhood dogs and cats that occasionally come under her care.

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