Marlene Shaner, Franchise Support & Administration

shanerAn administrative systems expert with over 20 years experience. Focus: legal compliance and state filings.

Marlene has over 20 years experience working with small to mid-sized companies in the areas of administration, financial management and control, licensing and trademark compliance and enforcement.

In 1988, Marlene went to work for an apparel company in Southern California, American Marketing Works, Inc. (AMW), to handle their licensing requirements. Over the next ten years, she worked with such companies as Disney, Warner Bros., Body Glove®, World’s Gym®, NFL, and NBA. AMW acted as franchisor for Body Glove; and during that time, Marlene worked with attorneys on national and international licensing agreements and trademark filings and enforcement; and licensee contracts, product approvals, and compliance.

After the sale of AMW to a company in Tennessee in the mid-90s, Marlene was relocated to lovely Chattanooga, Tennessee, as vice president of administration. She became more involved in procedures, systems, and processes for internal operations, such as accounting, inventory control, customer service, human resources, and work flow.

Marlene went to the University of Colorado at Denver, but finished up her B.S.B.A. at the University of Phoenix, where she also completed her M.B.A. She now teaches for the University of Phoenix and is Area Chair for Undergraduate Business for the Chattanooga Campus.

Marlene spends her spare time as valet to four cats, playing with the neighborhood dogs, and reading (when the cats are sleeping). She also teaches various business courses at the University of Phoenix local campus.

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