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So, you are not sure whether or not you are ready to franchise. Let’s check out some of the important success factors that you need to consider.

Is your business profitable at all levels? That is, will the franchisee as well as you, as the Franchise Company’s owner, make sufficient money? In other words, will both parties share in the wealth?

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    The longer your business is in operation the higher your chances for franchise success.
    The greater the profits produced by your business, the greater the number of qualified prospective franchisees it will attract. Profitable franchisees usually make happy franchisees thus increasing your potential for growth and success.
    The greater demand for your products and services and the more unique they are, the greater your chance for franchise success.
    The more systemized your business is, the easier it will be for others to replicate your success. Your business needs to be simple enough so you can teach others how to run it. The better documented your business is, the less time this step will take during the franchising process.
    Running a franchise company requires time and effort to recruit, train, and support franchisees. The better you do these functions, the more value people will see in your franchise and thus the greater your chances for franchise success.
    Franchise success is only sustainable when your franchisees see value in your relationship with them. The more value you provide to your franchisees, the greater your chances of franchise success.
    Franchising requires a significant investment. Not only to create the franchise system, but also to market the franchise offering. Your level of success is greatly determined by your willingness and ability to make the required investment.
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