What Gifts do Early Adopters Franchisees Offer?

The term ‘Early Adopters’ is commonly used in technology and it also has been applied in franchising for many years. It defines those people who join a new franchising company: one that has few or no franchisees. Early Adopters are the key to the … [Read more...]

Are your Franchise Prospects Thieves?

You have waited for a long time and invested a great deal of money in the process of franchising your business. It is only natural that you are excited when you talk with people who are interested in your opportunity. But, be careful that your … [Read more...]

Is your website optimized to capture people searching for franchise opportunities?

Recently I learned a simple way to know if we need the help from an Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert. Check it out for yourself. Go to Google. http://www.google.com. Search for the name of your company. When the listing comes up, click on … [Read more...]