Dreams vs. Fantasies – Do They Make A Difference in Franchising?

The word “dream” for some of us brings up ideas of wasting time, of losers, of people who never act, and who we critically put down by calling them “dreamers” and expecting they will achieve nothing.  This is a misconception; dreams are not … [Read more...]

What makes a franchisee successful?

The success of franchisees depends on many factors however the most important ones seem to rest on the franchisee. The outer factors include: Is the franchise concept viable? Is the success of the business replicable? Are the financial results of … [Read more...]

Franchise Success: Are you too old or too much of an achiever to dream?

There are many franchisees and franchisors who hold the misconception that the only way to get things done is by doing and that dreams are a waste of time. They tout that dreaming is for kids or something you do at night when you are unconscious. … [Read more...]

Franchise Success = Dreams + Beliefs + Readiness

Franchise Success: The New Formula is about how franchisees can reach the success they seek when they take the time and make the effort to clarify their dreams, adopt the beliefs that support their efforts, and reach the level of readiness that … [Read more...]