Zors, Zees and other Franchising Lingo

All communities, industries, and companies have their own lingo made up of unique words, terms, acronyms and expressions which are generally understood only by those belonging or related to these organizations. Understanding the language makes us … [Read more...]

Franchising: what is it, really?

The Federal Trade Commission has created criteria to determine whether or not a business meets the definition of a franchise under their Franchise Rule. They basically look at three factors: granting of trademarks, control over the new location or … [Read more...]

Franchise Offerings Using the Internet

When offering franchise opportunities using the Internet one must comply with state regulations requiring the posting of a disclaimer that specifically lists the states in which the company is NOT allowed to offer franchises. These regulations can … [Read more...]

Franchising – Federal (FDD) vs State Registrations

Franchising a business is not an inexpensive endeavour. One of the major contributors to its cost is the legal compliance required when franchising a business.  The Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) which replaced the Uniform Franchise Offering … [Read more...]