Franchisors: Stop Trying to Sound Like Everyone Else!!!

Commoditization is almost the total lack of meaningful differentiation in products and/or services; and, its practices are those in which price drives the quality of the product or service; margins fall through the floor; and, customers are attracted … [Read more...]

Talking Funding First – Why a Reversal of the Traditional Franchise Sales Process is Critical

The tightening of capital markets in recent years has engendered significant changes in the traditional franchise sales process where funding was discussed as the last step. The almost complete disappearance of investment capital for small businesses … [Read more...]

The New Breed of Franchise Candidates – Who Are They?

The New Career Economy® is much different than what our parents’ generation experienced. Long gone is the era of working for Corporate America for 30 or 40 years to culminate our careers with gold watches and the security of retirement plans and a … [Read more...]

5 Steps to Differentiate Your Franchise Offering

Franchising today is highly competitive.  More and more companies are choosing to franchise as their method for expansion.  This makes it critical for you to differentiate your franchise offering.  In today’s economic environment, you must make your … [Read more...]

Looking for Franchise Leads? Start With Your Website

  This week I was catching up with Dan Rogers and Allie Mims founders of SEO Komodo. Every time I talk with these guys I learn a lot. We got into the topic of how to generate franchise leads in today’s environment and they had some awesome points … [Read more...]

Are You Listening or Merely Hearing What Franchisees and Prospects Are Telling You?

I recently attended a function where I met several people who had recently invested in a franchise. Hearing them express their happiness with their decision made me question how well I had been listening to franchisees in the past. One person in … [Read more...]

What Gifts do Early Adopters Franchisees Offer?

The term ‘Early Adopters’ is commonly used in technology and it also has been applied in franchising for many years. It defines those people who join a new franchising company: one that has few or no franchisees. Early Adopters are the key to the … [Read more...]

Are your Franchise Prospects Thieves?

You have waited for a long time and invested a great deal of money in the process of franchising your business. It is only natural that you are excited when you talk with people who are interested in your opportunity. But, be careful that your … [Read more...]

Why should you consider franchise brokers to grow your network?

According to the 2008 Annual Franchise Development Report published by the Franchise Update Media Group, in 2008 16% of franchise sales came from brokers. This is a significant percentage; 16% is nothing to dismiss, at least not in my book. It is … [Read more...]

Is a marketing plan to recruit franchisees a waste of time? You decide!

We've all heard the saying "If you don't know where you're going, any road we'll take you there." Well, some of these roads are fun, productive, and easy while others aren't so much so; and, what's worse, they may never take us where we need to … [Read more...]