5 Ways to Resolve Conflict with your Franchisees

Conflict is not pleasant, but it seems to be part of all relationships at one point or another. In franchising, if conflict is left unchecked it can escalate to the legal arena where communication no longer can heal the differences. Therefore, like … [Read more...]

3 Things Your Franchisees Expect From You

Whether or not we should, whenever we enter a relationship we have expectations; and, your franchisees are not any different. Franchisees are individuals, and as such, they will have somewhat different types of expectations, yet there are some common … [Read more...]

Do You Understand the Development Stages Your Franchisees Go Through?

Understanding the developmental stages of your franchisees is critical for building communications and support infrastructures capable of producing successful relationships. Many franchisors see only two stages: new and older franchisees. They miss … [Read more...]

5 Email Sins to Avoid in Franchising

I recently read an article in Wall Street Journal that hailed the death of email as a form of communication. There is no question that the way we communicate is changing through the introduction of Social Media, but I believe we'll continue to use … [Read more...]

Are franchise relationships dependent or interdependent?

The franchising relationship between franchisor and franchisee is one of the best examples of interdependence. It all starts with sharing a common set of principles and values. When people evaluate franchise opportunities they're usually attracted to … [Read more...]

Franchising: a Love Affair by Lizette Pirtle

Franchising is a special kind of relationship unlike any other you’ll ever enter. It goes beyond a legal agreement between two parties, and beyond a business format system.   Franchising is a way of life. It is a relationship where two parties come … [Read more...]

10 Tips to create great Franchisee-Franchisor Relations

Not unlike a marriage or any other close relationship, a happy Franchisor-Franchisee relationship is based on communication. If you remember the following 10 tips, you can create an environment where productive and lasting franchisee-franchisor … [Read more...]