Why Do I Love Franchisees?

  I was recently at a franchise expo where I met with many franchisees that I had trained over 10 years ago. Seeing them, talking with them, learning about their successes and their lives today; hugging them and feeling their warmth and … [Read more...]

Franchisors, Franchisees: Are You Grateful?

Gratitude is a positive emotion and a way of looking at the world that engenders a sense of well being. Studies have suggested that grateful people are happier, less stressed, and more satisfied with their lives and relationships. They are able to … [Read more...]

What do I Love about Franchisees?

In more than one occasion I have been called a Franchisee Advocate; and although this may not have been said as a compliment, I have taken it as such. I fought for their rights and what I thought franchisors owed to them, and this got me in trouble … [Read more...]

Are Your Franchisees’ Families Getting In The Way Of Their Success?

The families of your franchisees are an important factor in their success. Too many franchisors unfortunately underestimate the influence of families. Concentrating only on the franchisee is a mistake you need to avoid and here is why. When people … [Read more...]

Are Your Franchisees Able to Absorb the Information They Need?

Working from the premise that franchisees are smart people who have already been successful at previous careers, we charge ahead to download mega gigs of information into their heads as soon as they join the system. We rarely contemplate the fact … [Read more...]

What Gifts do Early Adopters Franchisees Offer?

The term ‘Early Adopters’ is commonly used in technology and it also has been applied in franchising for many years. It defines those people who join a new franchising company: one that has few or no franchisees. Early Adopters are the key to the … [Read more...]

Zors, Zees and other Franchising Lingo

All communities, industries, and companies have their own lingo made up of unique words, terms, acronyms and expressions which are generally understood only by those belonging or related to these organizations. Understanding the language makes us … [Read more...]

3 Simple Ways to Create Strong Relationships with your Franchisees

Franchising is all about relationships; and, like in any other human interaction conflicts may arise from time to time. The stronger the relationship, the better one can handle these times of disagreement. Here are 3 simple ways to strengthen … [Read more...]

Is it true that veterans make great franchisees?

Every franchise company needs to have a clear understanding of the type of person with the best chance of success in their franchise system. They need what's called an "ideal franchisee profile" describing the characteristics and personal traits of … [Read more...]