Franchise Success: It Is All in the Culture

Paul Segreto, CFE, is the CEO and President of Franchise Foundry and serves as the CEO of several of their clients’ companies. I met Paul in 2009 upon my first engagement in Social Media. From day one it was obvious that Paul was a man of honor. I … [Read more...]

Franchise Success: a Watch and the Love of Hockey of an 8-Year-Old

Gerry W. B. Weber is a serial franchisor who started his franchise career back in the early 70’s when franchising was making its debut as the new way of expanding businesses. A franchise turn-around and start-up expert, Gerry has created, led, saved, … [Read more...]


One of the first questions you should ask yourself when considering franchising your business is whether or not you clear enough money every month from your business to have a viable franchise model. In other words: your business has to be … [Read more...]


  You want to expand your business and you are wondering whether or not franchising is the best way to do it. To help bring some clarity into this question, I am going to simplify matters in this post. Essentially you need to keep the … [Read more...]

Growth vs. Expansion: Where Does Franchising Fit?

  Franchising is a method used to expand a business. Some people may say that franchising could also be used to grow a business, but I beg to differ . “Growth” and “expansion” sometimes are used interchangibly, yet within the context of … [Read more...]

Why Do Businesses Franchise?

There are an infinite number of reasons to franchise a business; however, people’s motivations for franchising can fit four main categories: Vision Skill Money Ego Vision encompasses those people who want to grow their business quick, … [Read more...]

Franchising Your Business? Things to Keep in Mind

  Last month I was interviewed by Paul Segreto on his radio show Franchise Today. During this interview I covered some important topics to consider when franchising a business. This post which I am revisiting expands on the topics I covered … [Read more...]

True or False? Most Common Franchising Myths

  Many people hold some erroneous beliefs about franchising which can mislead them and create a lot of unnecessary pain.  Myth 1:   If I franchise my business I will make tons of money. Yes, there is a good probability that franchising a … [Read more...]

Who Should NOT Franchise Their Business?

Franchising is not for everyone. Not every business seeking to grow should choose franchising as the method of expansion. For example, some businesses do not have the ability to create a sustainable relationship (see older post); for others the … [Read more...]

What Are the Challenges Faced by Start-up Franchisors?

Start-up franchisors face numerous challenges but they can all be summarized in one phrase: They need to learn how to become successful franchisors. They must master their new tasks and responsibilities and all that it entails to be a successful … [Read more...]