I want to franchise in the future, is there anything I can do now?

You want to grow your business. You’ve done your homework and found that franchising is the best way to expand, but you are not quite ready to do it yet. You may not have the funds to go through the process or you may not have been in business long … [Read more...]

7 Reasons to Franchise your Business

Business owners considering growing their companies often want to know which is the most suitable expansion vehicle. Should they franchise or should they expand by hiring staff and opening locations or satellite offices? The answer depends on each … [Read more...]

Franchising – Federal (FDD) vs State Registrations

Franchising a business is not an inexpensive endeavour. One of the major contributors to its cost is the legal compliance required when franchising a business.  The Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) which replaced the Uniform Franchise Offering … [Read more...]

Franchising and Community Development

Community Development is a general term used to describe practices used by civic leaders, local governments and concerned citizens to empower individuals within a community with skills and opportunities that will improve not only the social and … [Read more...]

Right Time Kids Franchising

Last August we finished creating the franchise system for Right TIme Kids, a childcare drop in center (http://www.righttimekids.com/). In this short time Right Time Kids has sold two 3-pack franchises. Congratulations! Right TIme Kids worked hard … [Read more...]